Turning down a drink isn't easy. Not only do you have to deal with your own needs and desires for that chilled and glistening glass of white, you also have to tackle the: "Why aren't you drinking?" "Are you pregnant?" "Go on... just one!" And the worst one of all: "You're no fun without a drink!"


Well here's the thing: YOU ARE FUN! And this book shows you how and why you can still be the life and soul of the party, keep your friends, and not drink. Through a broad range of tips and tricks, you'll feel empowered to take on those trigger moments (stressful work day; challenging family life; break ups), as well as classic big occasions (the wedding toast; the bachelorette party; the Christmas party).


Through the tips, you'll learn more about yourself (why you're giving up/cutting back), how to keep your relationships tight (with your partner, colleagues and friends) and ways to enjoy your new found sobriety, from understanding the benefit to your health to appreciating the improvement in your bank balance.


Author: Flic Everett


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- Hardcover

- 159 pages




"As a long time sober person, I really appreciated how this addresses the fundamentals of the benefits of not drinking, has a quiz to help you recognise your triggers, and whether you might be drinking “too much”. It explains the subtle differences between drinking too much & being dependent. But more than that, it gives you tools to use if you choose to cut out the booze, including some suggestions for non-alcoholic drinks that aren’t just sparkling water or Coke! It’s a great place to start, if you want a break from drinking or feel it’s time to give up for good."


Kay S.

How to be Sober and Keep Your Friends